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Clip on Bangs - The Hottest Hair Trend of the Season!


Are you looking for the hottest hair trend of the season? Look no further than Clip on Fringes! These easy-to-apply hair accessories are a great way to update your look without committing to a permanent change. Whether you’re looking to add length and volume to your hair or just add a fun pop of colour, Clip Fringe Clip Ons are the perfect way to do it. 

Fast & Affordable - Need a quick style fix? Add an instant touch of 'dos to your locks - Stylonic offers affordable clip-on hair extensions for a temporary, yet fresh look


Synthetic Clip On Bangs

Unique And Versatile - Synthetic Clip on Bangs

Quality - You're not going to find quality hair extensions anywhere else but here!
Available in a variety choose from clip-in hair bangs made from 100% human hair or high-quality synthetic fibre, they both look natural when worn.
Clip On Bangs

Give yourself a fresh look without the hassle of salon visits! Add some bangs to your hair.

It's easy! Just clip them into your own hair using the attached clips!  


  • Clips on easily and securely 
  • Snap them on in seconds.
  • No glue needed



Clip-on Bangs seamlessly blend with your hair giving you a natural look that can turn heads! Clip-on hair extensions are versatile - stylish, and attach using easy-to-use clips! attach to your hairline and blend seamlessly with your hair. 


What are clip-on hair fringes?


Clip-on hair fringes are the perfect way to instantly update your hairstyle. These trendy hair pieces come in a variety of styles and can be attached to any type of hair to give you a fresh look. Clip-on hair fringes are the perfect way to switch up your style without having to make any permanent changes. They are great for adding a little extra volume and texture, or for trying out a different look for a night out. Clip-on fringes are a great way to express yourself and have some fun with your hair.


How to choose the right clip-on hair fringe for your face shape

Choosing the right clip-on fringe for your face shape can be a tricky task, but it is also an important one. The right fringe can help to frame and balance your face, while the wrong one can look unnatural and unflattering. To make sure you choose the right clip-on fringe for your face shape, there are several things to consider:

1. Length: When choosing a clip-on fringe, the length of the fringe should be in proportion with your face. If you have a long face, you should opt for a shorter fringe; if you have a round face, go for a longer fringe.

2. Texture: The texture of the clip-on fringe should match your natural hair texture. If you have fine hair, a finer texture will help create a more natural look; if you have thicker hair, opt for a thicker texture.

3. Colour: The colour of the clip-on fringe should be close to your natural hair colour. If you have dark hair, a dark fringe will work best; if you have light hair, go for a lighter shade.

By following these tips, you should be able to find the perfect clip-on fringe to frame and flatter your face shape.


How to style clip-on bangs

When it comes to styling clip-on bangs, the possibilities are truly endless. You can go for a more subtle look or really make a statement. Here are some of the ways you can style your clip on fringe:

1. The classic “straight across”: This is a timeless look that works on almost any face shape. To get the look, simply attach the clip-on fringe to your hairline, making sure it is evenly distributed and then brush it straight across. This look is great for anyone looking for a subtle change.

2. Side-swept fringe: This look is perfect for those who want to add some texture and volume to their hair. To achieve this style, attach the clip-on fringe slightly off-centre to your hairline, then comb it to one side. If you want extra volume, curl the fringe before brushing it over.

Clip on Side Bangs


3. Textured “messy” look: For a more modern and relaxed look, try creating a textured, messy fringe. Start by attaching the clip-on fringe in the middle of your hairline, then use your fingers to pull and twist different pieces of hair. If you want extra texture, spray with hairspray and scrunch the fringe.

4. Volume and curl: For an extra glamorous look, opt for a volume and curl style with your clip-on fringe.

Curly Clip on Bangs


Start by brushing your fringe before attaching it to your hairline. Once attached, backcomb the roots for added volume and lift, then smooth out the ends with a brush for a polished finish.

These are just a few of the ways you can style your clip-on fringe. Whether you want a subtle change or something more daring, there are plenty of options out there to suit every taste. Experiment with different styles to find the one that works best for you!

The best clip-on bangs for every hair type

When it comes to clip-on bangs, there is a perfect style for everyone. Whether you have short, long, straight, or curly hair, there is a clip-on fringe that can work for you. Let's break it down to each hair type and explore some of the best options.

For those with short hair, a thinned-out blunt cut is usually best. This style gives the illusion of a full fringe while still blending in nicely with your short hair. A soft side-swept look is also a great choice for shorter styles. If you have shorter layers, the clipped bangs can easily be swept over to the side for a more voluminous look.

Longer hair can handle thicker clip-on fringes better than shorter hair can. A blunt cut will give you the most coverage and frame your face nicely. For a more modern look, try an asymmetrical fringe with a longer piece on one side and a shorter piece on the other. This style looks great with curls or waves and adds an extra dimension to your look.

If you have naturally straight hair, you have the most options when it comes to clip-on fringes. Try a traditional wispy style or a more dramatic blunt cut. You can also go for a tapered look which starts with longer pieces in the middle and tapers down towards the sides. Straight hair is also the ideal texture for textured bangs which are chopped up and slightly undone for a more lived-in look.

Finally, if you have naturally curly hair, you don’t have to miss out on the clip-on-fringe trend! Opt for a soft wispy fringe that blends in with your natural texture. Or you could go for a deep side part which will help keep your curls from falling flat. Whichever style you choose, make sure to keep your curls hydrated and conditioned to keep them looking their best!

No matter what type of hair you have, there is a clip-on fringe that can work for you. Experiment with different styles until you find the one that looks and feels the best on you!