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Why You Should Consider 22 Clip-In Inch Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the answer to all your hair woes, whether it’s damaged hair or thinning hair or loss of volume. There are many different types of hair extensions, but clip-in extensions are among the most popular. 22 Inch Clip-in Hair Extensions are perfect for all types of hairstyles and will last you a long time if cared for properly. Here’s everything you need to know about 22 Inch Clip-on Hair Extensions before you buy them.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are three major types of hair extensions. Synthetic Hair is best for thinner hair because it blends in with your natural strands and adds volume. Our synthetic fibre extensions are heat resistant, easier to apply, and can be easily removed without causing damage to your hair. Remy Hair is a higher quality option than synthetic hair, made from 100% human hair that can blend seamlessly with your natural locks.

Human Hair Extensions VS Synthetic Hair Extensions

Do you have thin hair that’s in need of some volume? If so, you may want to consider clip-in hair extensions. When selecting hair extensions, there are several factors to consider, including length and cost. There are many choices in terms of quality as well. Synthetic hair is a lower-quality option that still looks natural, while real human hair is more expensive and will last longer.

Hair Extension Clips

Hair clips have a small comb and snap onto the hair by bending the clasp. This is a good choice for thin hair because it will not weigh down thin hair and cause them to fall out. The clasp is easy to put on and remove as well. When taking it off, you can just bend it off with your hand. If you want one that is more secure, you may also use some bobby pins to clip in at points where they need more security such as around the ears or nape of the neck.